Total Annihilation was designed by Cavedog to run on Windows95 systems. That's why the Total Annihilation game CD comes with DirectX 5.0. DirectX 5.0 will not work on WindowsNT. So do not install it. WindowsNT only handles up to DirectX 3.0a which is included in the NT Service Packs. TA will still run fine on WindowsNT with DirectX 3.0a installed.

Windows98/ME/2000/XP/Vista systems already have a working version of DirectX installed. So do not install DirectX 5.0.

Install the DirectX 5.0 software only on Windows95 systems. You've been warned.

TOTAL ANNIHILATION 3.1 PATCH (already included in the Impulse release)

It's funny that this particular page gets so many hits. TA isn't sold anymore. And Cavedog is long gone. So why is there still such a rush to get the 3.1 patch? Hardly anyone plays TA online anymore. And the 3.1 patch isn't needed for single play. You're probably just lost and have no idea what you're doing on my site with a 17-year-old game that no one plays and none of your friends have ever heard of. Well, maybe you're a fanatic and you need ATARI's TA 1.x - 3.1 patch* for one of the reasons listed below. NOTE: If you own The Core Contingency and Battle Tactics add-on packs, install them first before installing the TA 3.1 patch.

This latest version:

There is documentation included in the patch that explains the new commands that have been added to the game for better teamplay and better control of your units.

The correct order to install a complete Total Annihilation setup on your system is this:
     Total Annihilation first (TOTALA.EXE 1.0)
     The Core Contingency (TOTALA.EXE 3.0)**
     Battle Tactics (TOTALA.EXE 3.0a)***
     TA 3.1 non-Boneyards patch (TOTALA.EXE 3.1)

TA UPDATE: There is a custom patch floating around with the name TA Bugfix 1.6 for TA:CC 3.1. This patch corrects most of the problems that are in the Core Contingency add-on. Please read its included readme file for the exact bugs that are fixed by this great update.

* = Also known as the 3.1 patch. Do not download or install the Boneyards version of the 3.1 patch, as the Boneyards game server is no longer in service. The 3.1 patch will update any version of TA (except the Boneyards 3.1 version) to 3.1.
** = Necessary for playing some of the more popular multiplayer maps. It comes with underwater units for more navy base building. And, of course, there is the Core Krogoth unit!
*** = Necessary for providing many hours of tactics training against the computer using its many missions. Some of the units from The Core Contingency are included in Battle Tactics. Some of the more important units added are the hovercraft units which can travel on both land and sea.

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